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Print advertising is more memorable and delivers better brand lift than social media ads. Full stop. In a 2021 media study comparing metrics on how products and brands performed across all platforms (print and digital news, Facebook, YouTube, outdoor advertising, broadcast and radio), print and digital news outperformed all other forms of marketing. Digital media and social media markets can be effective for national brands with massive budgets. Most local brands and small businesses have neither the staff, budget or expertise to be successful in accessing their market relying solely on digital.

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Communities with a vibrant local newspaper pay less property tax, experience less government corruption, and have a more engaged citizenry. That's a fact. In the past decade the model to finance professional journalism has rapidly eroded leaving vast news deserts in communities across the country. It's in everyone's best interest that a pillar of democracy be vibrant, robust and sustainable (see the first sentence). Thanks for learning about more about the pressures and challenges facing newspapers large and small and what you can do to support professional journalism.

Your words about My Side of the Dam

Thank you, Woolwich Observer, for publishing " My Side of the Dam: The Retrospective 1996-2003". It has been very enjoyable to read the columns written by Allen D. Martin about life in Woolwich Township and area from his perspectives as a husband, father, friend, retired teacher, volunteer firefighter, church member. Whether the readers are long-time residents of Woolwich or new to the area, they are sure to find some insights to the community's story as well as lots of light-hearted humour about life in general. It's a great "coffee table book", easy to read a page or two, and have a smile.

Karen R., Elmira

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