52 Week Family Meal Planner

Take control of your family dinner time again with the Observer-designed Family Meal Planner. This planner has been family road-tested and tweaked to optimally work for busy families. Plan a week at a time, develop your grocery list, and find inspiration for your family meals.

Use this planner and you will save money, waste less food, reduce the stress at dinner times and make fewer trips to the grocery store. We've thought of everything.

Meal Planner Features:
  • 1 Year of Family Meal Planners
  • Easy tear-a-way grocery list
  • Hole-punched to save in a binder
  • Padded pages
  • Themed meals for inspriation
  • Planner and shopping tips
  • Find local recipes online
  • 100% of proceeds support the Observer newsroom
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